Re: fosdem stand

Hi Erik,

I can stay on the stand for some hours. Do you have any timetable with
the volunteers allocation per day?


2008/2/14, Erik Snoeijs <stratos stratos-online nl>:
> Hi,
>  Now Vincent already mentioned this a few weeks ago on this list, but
>  this year there will be a gnome stand at FOSDEM. Which is great and
>  wonderful.
>  But currently on the sign-up page only 4 people have signed on to help
>  attend to it and one of those has already noted that he won't be able to
>  do this full time. Full time in this context meaning, i presume standing
>  there all day and perhaps having a few breaks to visit some talk or
>  whatever.
>  Now normally i'm quite used to this, and most of the time a 3 man crew
>  will be enough to man a stand. However this isn't one of the small
>  conferences i normally visit, this is FOSDEM. GNOME is a high profile
>  project that will hopefully/probably be pretty busy throughout the day.
>  3 People might be a bit more of a minimum then a maximum.
>  So what i'm basically trying to say is, we need more people!
>  Manning a stand isn't hard, although the fosdem crowd is a bit more tech
>  oriented then most other events, no in depth technical knowledge is
>  required. As long as you can tell the 5-ilionth person asking "if GNOME
>  or KDE is better", that it's all a matter of taste, and that if they
>  have good taste they should use GNOME*, you're pretty much set.
>  And being xenophobic also isn't a problem, most visitors are more afraid
>  of you then you are of them. Let alone that they would touch the laptop
>  with the sign next to it "feel free to use".
>  And while i'm mad enough to dedicate most of my day being at the stand,
>  you don't have to. Because if only 10 people (out of the hundreds** that
>  will be there) help out for just a hour, i would be extremely
>  grateful.***
>  So if your not afraid of badly dressed geeks ogling the stand, and
>  bearded maniacs who try to explain why a graphical desktop will never
>  work. Please, sign up and help out.
>  regards,
>  Erik Snoeijs
>  * Although the people using KDE seem to disagree on that bit.
>  ** i have no idea how many gnome-ish people are at fosdem really.
>  *** Not all the same hour please.
>  --
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