wgo graphics

I answered Andreas at
http://desdeamericaconamor.org/blog/node/340#comment-44883 but this is
the right place to do this:

Hi Andreas,
wgo is the perfect place to showcase EXISTING graphic materials. GNOME
has already lots of them as icons, wallpapers, pictures. I don't get
tired repeating that our icons are BRILLIANT and they could be used to
illustrate many wgo pages, just playing with them in big size.
Quick idea:
- Illustrating the main page of each section with a different
wallpaper, overlapping text and images (if possible): Take the tour,
Products, Success stories.
- King size icons as default illustration for secondary pages.
- Pictures with GNOME people in those pages with a special "human"
component i.e. Contribute, Public sector...
- Of course related images in those pages having them: Spread GNOME
should feature marketing stuff, OLPC success story shows OLPC and so
- In some cases we could use a diagram that would help newcomers (and,
ahem, insiders as well) to understand what is GNOME about i.e.
So you see, I think it's more about doing a proper use of exisiting
materials rather than redesigning wheels.

Someone to keep a list of wgo pages with the graphic(s) that should go
in each one?

Quim Gil /// http://desdeamericaconamor.org

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