Re: GNOME 2.20 release notes

On 8/10/07, Murray Cumming <murrayc murrayc com> wrote:
> Maybe you could give a quick example of something that we wrote in the
> past that was suitable for end users but not for enthusiasts.

Good exercise. Note that it is not only about writing but also about
how you organize and prioritize the information.

Taking as an example and pages underneath:

- Everything before "Getting GNOME 2.16" tells nothing new to anybody
not new to GNOME. Always the same, yawn. Then the Get Footware
reference is good but the rest (building GNOME) is of little use of
95% or people. My conclusion: the /start page hasn't served well our
primary targets.

- The whole is dedicated to
potential people new to GNOME. It even says "If you're already
familiar with GNOME, you may want to skip ahead". Second page in the
sequence that has failed to serve our primary targets. Two extra
clicks before you get into the real stuff.

- is a good
page. I would only add a message more specific to distro maintainers
since they were the main ones to build GNOME with the new Metacity

- is
relatively ok. Well, normal end users are clearly taken in mind in the
first place. That page could serve better our main targets by having
less text like "a powerful new note-taking application called Tomboy."
(Tomboy was not new at all for our targets" and more like "By
providing hooks via standardized DBUS methods, other programs are able
to interact with power saving...". Developers talking to developers
about why the new cools stuff is cool.

- is also ok
but also has primarily end users in mind. What about a mention to
application developers about how these usability improvements affect
their development and how can they benefit from them?

- - this is
what I'm talking about!

- ok, good one.

- not
bad, and now with the roadmapping work it will be much better. Let's
concentrate in the novelties our primary targets are waiting for.

Quim Gil ///

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