Re: Screenshot link on frontpage

On Fri, 2006-09-22 at 23:17 +0200, Martin Jeppesen wrote:
> This only works, if it can be reserved 100% for a product screenshot,
> and clicking on it e.g. redirects to the feature list with
> screenshots. 

Why not. The Marketing Team needs to decide how the banner area is going
to work (i.e. a banner a month?) and what promos go in it, though. Maybe
one day we make banners of the OLPC, the embedded devices, a new huge
deployment in Asia...

> Can it be reserved just like that in trade for no
> screenshot link?

I insist, there is a permanent and clickable screenshot in the GNOME
Slogan block in the top right column. We can add a "Screenshots" link in
the bottom of this block.

> Some websites I think that does a really good job with the product picture are:

We can do that.

Martin, would you like to join us and define how the Tour/Overview
section will be organized? You bring good ideas and it would be nice to
have you shaping them up. 

Quim Gil /// |

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