Re: WGO Revamp: Look and Feel

Hi Joachim,

Joachim Noreiko wrote:
--- Máirín Duffy <duffy redhat com> wrote:

* Panos, you had mentioned [2] not quite liking the
design of the top bars - if you have some spare time to sketch out any ideas you have, I'd love to incorporate them! :)

I thought we were going to use the guadec-style
general navbar?

Yep, I noticed that discussion on the Look&Feel wiki page after I uploaded everything so I'll add that next iteration (I added a comment there [1]). :)

I like the rounded and separated look, but I also
thought we were going with the dotted-line snapped
look of your earlier mockup.

I didn't know that we had settled on that yet, but I can make a version adding it back using the new layout too to see how it works. :)



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