GnomeWeb 2.18 release cycle

This thread will defined our rhythm fo production of the following six
months. An updated version of this schedule is kept at 

Having a look at the schedule suggested at, our milestones for the 2.17
release cycle could be: 

      * October 4th - Core Planning Documents reviewed. 
      * October 18th - End of new goals proposal period. 
      * November 8th - Goal Planning Drafts. 
      * December 6th - Feature Freeze. 2.18 Goal Planning phase is
      * December 20th - Alpha Phase completed. 
      * January 10th - Goal Freeze. Goals not catching the schedule are
      * January 24th - UI Freeze. 
      * February 14th - String Freeze. Static English texts completed. 
      * March 5th - Release Candidate. 
      * March 14th - 2.18 Final Release. 
      * April 11th - 2.18.1 Final Release. 

This timeline is not showing when processes need to start - you can
start today with a goal and try to complete it in a month. What is shown
here are the milestones, the deadlines. If a goal is not catching them
we have a clear calendar to drop it and concentrate on the healthy

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