"Historical" Content

Hello everybody!

An editor of O'Reilly Germany contacted me, asking for historical
screenshots etc, which they could use for a poster on the history of
Linux, in which <quote>GNOME played a major role</quote> (he certainly
got that right!). This poster will be given away for free at the
LinuxTag in Wiesbaden, Germany (And probably for download, as O'Reilly
did that with other posters, too).

So, I call for action: send material right to me and (even better) post
it somewhere on the marketing page of l.g.o! For future requests,
reference and other needs, we should place some screenshots of all major
releases there, but for now 1.0 and earlier would be really awesome!

If someone involved in the "early days" of development reads this, don't
hesitate to contact me, if you are willing to get in contact with the
editor directly. He seemed to be very interested in talking to one of
you guys for a little more details.



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