Re: Press releases


Corey Burger wrote:
We currently have two press releases, from myself and Claus. I have
attached both. The key difference between the two is length. Mine is
fashioned on the 2.12 press release, as well as looking at a few other
non-gnome ones. They tend to be short, with very few actual details.
Claus' is longer, with more detail. My inclination is to lead towards
shorter and push people to the excellent release notes if they want
more in depth information.


The shorter the better.

"GNOME 2.14 release, and it doesn't suck that much" with a URL would be a great release from my point of view. We need to remind people what GNOME is, and point them towards the release notes, and (as Tom said) include some notes explaining TLAs, but I like yours best, if we can add one piece of punch to it. Plus, I'd like to avoid using Linux n a press release, and either use GNU/Linux, or drop any mention of platforms. I hate those "the leading..." bits anyway, I'd drop it completely, and leave the nicer "the easiest and friendliest free software desktop" description at the end.


Dave Neary
bolsh gimp org
Lyon, France

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