Re: release notes: first draft

Well done. This is great stuff, and obviously a lot of work.

1. The first page
has a link at the end to the "release notes"
Even with the correct link, it doesn't make much sense for it to link to
itself. In the past we added a sentence in the middle of the page,
before the boring stuff and the learn-more stuff, saying 
"If you are already familiar with GNOME, you might go directly to What's
New for Users or use the other navigation links.", with a link of
"What's New for Users".

Without this, people often don't realise that there's more to read. They
don't see the [Next] link and they think the menu at the right is just
another site-wide menu. Then they complain about how the release notes
don't contain any information.

I guess you were halfway to doing something like that.

In Performance:
"renderering" -> "rendering"

I would change
Ekiga, formerly known as GNOME Meeting is GNOME's voice and video over
IP client. Ekiga supports both the SIP protocol, used in Google Talk,
Asterisk and many other software and hardware VoIP devices; and H323, an
older communications protocol used in Microsoft Netmeeting and some
telecomms hardware.

Ekiga, formerly known as GNOME Meeting, is GNOME's voice and
video-over-IP client. Ekiga now supports the SIP protocol as well as
H323. SIP is used by Google Talk, Asterisk and many popular software and
hardware VoIP devices. H323 is an older communications protocol used in
Microsoft Netmeeting and some telecoms hardware.

That adds the matching comma after "Meeting" and avoids the strange
"both ... ; and" construct, and points out that SIP is what's new.

"Improved Window Management":
"boundry" -> "boundary"

"Metacity will now give the hostname of windows not running locally in
the title bar."
would be clearer as
"Windows now show the hostname in their title bars if the the
application is not running locally". 

"Both the logout dialog and unlock screen dialog will offer the option
to switch user and a menu can be added to the panel allows fast access
to user switching."

I'd break the sentence after "to switch user", and start a new one with
"In addition, a menu". "allows" should be "allowing".

I'd avoid "Stetic Configuration". It's a very in joke and, for people
who aren't in on it, it makes us look as silly as the person who first
coined the phrase. 

In "Pessulus - Lockdown Editor", we should mention that the Lockdown
Editor makes it far _easier_ to do something that was always possible. 

In the developers section:
"guarentee" -> "guarantee"
"consistant" -> "consistent"

I can make these changes directly in CVS if you like.

Murray Cumming
murrayc murrayc com

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