Re: Call for art!

David Neary wrote:
Hi guys,

I just heard about something that has been set up for siggraph, but
there's a pressing need:

One of the Blender folks can print us banners, connected to a "banner
stand" like this:

We won't put them on the tables, but next to the tables. Two banner
stands can hold each two prints, on each side.

Here's a simple mockup, so you got the idea:

The prints will measure 30 x 60 inch each.

Deadline: ASAP! Well, I give you guys 10 days. July 21 we then can
start printing.

Can someone do a 30" x 60" banner design for GIMP & GNOME for me this
week, by any chance? Please? It should have both the GNOME logo and
Wilber, but aside from that you're free.


Do you mean something like this? Or do you mean one logo on each side?
If this is ok, I'll fix it up in Scribus tonight so it will be in printable colors and stuff.
- Andreas

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