Re: I'm thinking of doing a 2.16 screenshot tour


looks good, IHMO. I think we still need someone to make images for our
release notes. 

If you find the time to do it, that would rock! If so, you may like to
have a look at how this was done the last time?

In the draft, there are small notes like this:

 // Image about here

that I used to indicate whether an image would be cool. Nothing
spectacular, just for an impression about the new stuff.

Do you think you could do this? That would rock! :-)


On Mon, 28 Aug 2006 19:15:03 +0100
Alex Smith <alex alex-smith me uk> wrote:

> Andreas Nilsson wrote:
> > Hi Alex!
> > Yes, as close to stock 2.16 setup as possible with the latest 
> > gnome-icon-theme, clearlooks and stuff.
> > gnome-backgrounds has a couple of nice backgrounds with flowers,
> > Open Flower for is really good looking for example and looks good
> > on screenshots.
> > Good luck, and thanks for volunteering for this!
> > - Andreas
> > 
> Hi all!
> I've done some screenshots showing some of the main new 
> features/improvements in Gnome 2.16. There probably aren't enough
> here, and I'm yet to do some videos demonstrating things like the
> instant searching in Deskbar, the process of creating/linking notes
> on Tomboy, etc.
> Here are the screenshots:
> If anyone can come up with something I can take a screenshot of, that 
> would be great. I will take a screenshot of Gnome Power Manager soon. 
> I'm waiting for a new release of it to be made so that I can get some 
> shots of that graph stuff (if needs be, I'll build it from CVS. Tell
> me if I should do that please :D)
> Thanks,
> Alex
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> Alex Smith
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