Re: Getting GNOME banners created

On 8/10/06, Andreas Nilsson <nisses mail home se> wrote:
Corey Burger wrote:
> Hey all,
> Jorge and I are headed to LWE:SF next week and I discovered that we
> have no banners. I thus decided to take this into my own hands and get
> one printed. However, I need feedback on the attached file within 3
> hours, in order for them to get it printed by Monday, for me to go.
> Corey
The feedback I received on that smiley illustration since I did it last
year is that it looks "scary" and "weird".
Might be good to consider something else. There are a bunch of
nice-looking, scalable smileys in tango-icon-theme.
- Andreas

This was made clear to me last night as well, by others.

I also starting digging into the languages poster and made a banner of
that. Thoughts?


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