Re: gnome app pages (was confusingly Gnome Software Map)

--- Gezim Hoxha <gezimetc shaw ca> wrote:

> On Sat, 2006-05-08 at 12:49 +0200, Gergely Nagy
> wrote:
> > Hi,
> Hi.
> > 
> > All right, so let's get back to basics :)
> We seem to need to do this, every now and then.
> > 
> > Clearly, for these pages to make some sense at
> all, there has to be some
> > added value. Let's try to enumerate these first...
> > 
> > - authoritative
> > by this i mean it will be the hopefully best
> maintained and relevant
> > info source on an application relevant to gnome.
> People will of course
> > be free to create an "official" website for their
> app, and publish it as
> > they see fit. Yet, the wgo app pages would appear
> in a more-or-less
> > uniform fashion, with some established guidelines.
> It will be possible
> > to make it a collaborative effort, where several
> people can make sure
> > the page is up do date and meeting some standards.
> > Perhaps the "official" web page will be more
> up-to-date, because
> > Changelogs appear within microseconds of a
> release, but people browsing
> > wgo/apps will hopefully get a uniform and still
> valid resource to
> > discover gnome apps.
> OK. With this, I disagree. We're basically wanting
> developers and/or
> volunteers to duplicate the information they have
> about the project.


> Why can't it be the project page. Why can't we
> integrate the development
> efforts with the main project page? My goal is to
> not have duplicate
> information it just clogs up the Internet tubes.

It's not duplication.
It's two different channels.

Most users can't code.
Suppose I'm an orddinary user. Maybe I've just
installed Ubuntu and I want to know more about this
gnome thing, maybe I've just heard of GNOME and I'm
I go to the GNOME home page, and from there I go to a
page about an app -- say rhythmbox, because I like my
MP3s (yeah, there's a whole other kettle of fish
there, but leaving that aside for now...)
If I see a page that's predominantly about roadmaps,
bugzilla, IRC channels, and the like, I'm going to
think that this GNOME thing is for people who can
code. It's not for me.

Basically, what we currently have is info about a
particular app split like this:

project ----------------------------- | wiki
intro, screenshots, contact, download | roadmap,
ideas, etc

I think the split should be like this:

wgo/app ---- | projects
intro, shots | contact, download, roadmap, ideas

That of course requires 'projects' to be a CMS that's
as easy to update quickly as the wiki currently is.
But that's detail :)

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