Re: gnome app pages (was confusingly Gnome Software Map)

An attempt to get conclusions from this interesting discussion.


- All the discussion refers to content located at EXCEPT
the wgo/project/* subsites that we are not going to touch at all in this
release (and might or might not become We are not
talking either in this thread about touching livego, librarygo,
developergo... Just to make it clear: we are not dealing in the current
release with the projects subsites i.e. We can link to these project
subsites and other relevant resources across *, but that's all
by now.

- refers *only* to the
development of one list of links to official GNOME product pages. This
is the core mission of this goal. 

- The discussion product pages themselves belong to a different goal: . It is still unassigned,
someone wants to take it to make sure the sauce of the discussion is not
lost and heads to a real implementation? A project page would be
literally a single page (not a small website or something) managed
primarily by the marketing team. A product page should have great
information and marketing about a product (produced jointly with the
developers, but I think it is our responsibility to assure their quality
and update), plus all the relevant links links to know/do more about
that product in the GNOME subsites. If a product has official website we
link it. If it hasn't got one, at least the product will have now an
official page (i.e. Pessulus). The product pages should be as translated
as any other page at wgo.

- The discussion about where this list fits in wgo, if user Joe is
interested or not, belong to other goals: Define the content and scope
of and
(both assigned to Joachim Noreiko. Also the idea of offering other
sublists i.e. embedded, desktop, etc belong to these goals and doesn't
affect that fact that we need a one and only official list somewhere
(and it doesn't need to be in the homepage or where user Joe will click

"Software map" is a wrong term. "GNOME products" is the best definition
I've seen so far, although I feel that something is still missing. Let's
use this term while we don't find anything better. 

"GNOME applications" has two problems: 1. maybe we want to list pieces
or collections of software that are not strictly applications and the
nerds will tell us we suck; 2. 'applications' is a non-familiar term for
most regular users (they talk about 'software' or 'programs') and they
will tell us we suck. 

In fact "GNOME software" is perhaps a good term to define the "official"
products, specially when opposed to the broader "Software for GNOME",
which can be found at

wgo needs to explain the software that "makes" GNOME. We have at least
two clear categories here: the components of the desktop (the ones
shipped in the last release) and the applications (more complex to
define, but we will take a pragmatic approach). 

There are two reasons to have this list: information (this is the list
of GNOME products, GNOME says) and marketing (this is the software that
makes GNOME great and GNOME explains why). We can't delegate GNOME
information and marketing to third parties. I would even say that the
marketing team can't leave this mission to the projects alone, or the
release team, or... Developers can be great producing cool software, but
it doesn't necessarily imply they are good at providing information and
marketing about the software they produce.

This list doesn't aim to compete with at all. Instead, we
should collaborate together. Eugenia has been <del>adapting</del>
improving to offer a friendly gateway to wgo. We should
build our side from this gateway in the list(s) we create.

The maximum number of products listed is probably the number of products
with bugtracker in, and I'm sure we could find other
filters to make the list decrease (increasing the average quality of the
products listed). In there
are currently 27 products listed. If you think there is a product
missing add it now.


The tresor are the product pages, not this official list of GNOME
products. This official list will satisfy only some user profiles in
some use cases. Jeff and Claus' concerns about other user profiles and
other use cases can be solved, as Jeff suggested, having other pages
focused in one aspect and offering their own list/gateway to selected
product pages. 

The fact that Simon Rozet is working on the official list doesn't imply
we can't have more. 


There has been some discussion about more specific and technical
details. I'm leaving them out now to ease a common agreement on these
conclusions. Once they are agreed and the goals/layers are clear, then
each goal coordinator can lead the discussion about the details
affecting his goal. This way we avoid mixing discussions and hopefully
we will get to simple, easier and faster agreements.

Also note that this discussion is almost useless if nobody takes on the
production of product pages: 

* First bunch of applications featured (goal still unassigned).

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