Re: [Fwd: [Foundations] EuroOSCON .org day]

On Fri, 2006-08-04 at 17:44 +1000, Jeff Waugh wrote:
> <quote who="Dave Neary">
> > EurOSCon is reserving place for free software projects to present in
> > Amsterdam this year - is there any interest in a GNOME stand there?
> > 

Amsterdam just sounds cool, but isn't it in Brussels? :^)

> > My initial feeling is "no" - from what I've seen, the OSCons aren't
> > particularly desktop oriented, or necessarily free *nix oriented.
> In the past, I would have agreed, but having just returned from OSCON in the
> USA, and seen the massive shift in OS X vs. Ubuntu there, I think it would
> have made a lot of sense to have a GNOME presence. EuroOSCON is different
> again in that it has a much more European slant - there are a lot more Linux
> users in the crowd than at OSCON in the USA. I think it would be worthwhile
> showing off what we're doing at EuroOSCON.

I have time and could take care of the Organisation. I checked on for the Eventbox and it is available during the event. Is
there a LUG in Brussels to get more people to man the stand?

What are the further proceedings? Shall I contact O'Reilly on behalf of


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