Report from the GNOME booth at Eclispe Con


I just wanted to take the time to let everyone know how the GNOME booth
at Eclipse Con went. 

Eclipse Con was primarily attended by windows developers. Andrew
Overholt and I bought an inkjet printer to make professional looking CDs
that we could hand out but I honestly didn't think that we would hand
out too many. Because of time constraints, we ended up bringing the
printer to the booth with the intention of burning/printing when we
didn't have visitors. Well, it turned out the our CDs were quite popular
and we couldn't burn/print them fast enough!

In general people seemed genuinely interested in Linux and GNOME and
had some really good questions for us. Billy Biggs (SWT developer) also
helped with the booth and was able to answer all of the tricky SWT-gtk
questions that came up. Here are some pictures of the booth:

Me talking to our first visitors:

Andrew burning a disc at the booth:

Andrew showing off the CD:

As you can see we used Andreas Nilsson's posters from the
MarketingMaterials wiki page, so thanks goes out to him. We had all
three of them printed, but sadly only had room for two. The "Preferred
language?" poster was a real hit. So many people came by the booth and
were like "hey, that's my native language". It was a really good ice
breaker for people who didn't really know much about GNOME or Linux. 

On top of the discs, we had a bunch of "Why choose GNOME?" flyers
printed (also on the MarketingMaterials wiki page, thanks to Sébastien
Biot for these) but if I had to run a GNOME booth again, I would
probably not print very many of them out. It would be nice to have a few
around, most people get enough marketing material from other booths that
our paper stuff is probably just going to go into a pile and be tossed
in the garbage. What we should have done is put a simple slogan on the
CD and so that they know where to go for more info if they
want it. 

I guess that's about all I have to say. I ended up having extra ink and
a few extra discs, so if you find yourself running a booth sometime,
drop me a line and I'll see if I can burn/print you up some discs.


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