Christmas cards


I don't know about other parts of the world but in Germany it is quite
common to sent christmas cards to customers, friends, relatives, etc.

The first company I worked for used christmas cards produced by a
charity foundation, for example. Since Open Source is a sort of charity,
too, the idea is basically to make our 'own' cards.

I've attached a very basic (speak: ugly) draft. I'm not used to

However, we're used to artwork competitions. Getting better artwork
shouldn't be a complicated problem.

The winning card layout(s) could be used by companies supporting us,
GNOME enthusiasts, etc. It's a rather easy way to present the idea of
switching to normal people.

Problem Number 1 is the money (as usual). Don't know if we could get
financial support from Canonical, Novell, Redhat, etc.

Problem Number 2 is we need someone to organize this.


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