Don't use text in graphics. Use real text instead.

Hugh Buzacott wrote:
It is just a suggestion so if you have any ideas and so forth just send them.

The "About Download Support" links are a graphic. I don't recommend using text in graphics because text in graphics disallow the reader control over rendering, such as using fonts and sizes the reader can read. This is important to readers who, for whatever reason, don't select the font and size you chose for the graphic text.

I recommend using real text instead. I think it's appropriate to suggest sizes -/+ some small percentage (perhaps 10%) over the user's default if you want to (de)emphasize some text.

Also, you suggest only one font (Arial) and no fallbacks. This is unwise. It's also unwise to only suggest a non-free font. Finally, you specify font size in CSS pixels in the style5 class ("font-size: 24px;"). This too is inappropriate for the web where you cannot predict what the user will see the webpage on. Use percentages, ems, or exs instead.

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