Re: collecting negative reviews

It's done: I've read [almost] every single comment from the 2.12
release articles (including Slashdot and OSNews, which Travis was
going to cover... sorry Travis, I got carried away), and here's the
compiled list of complaints/suggestions/etc.

I guess someone (who has actual contact with them, unlike me) should
pass this to the development list as soon as possible, cause it's very
valuable information IMHO.

(common to most articles)

1) add full GNOME VFS support to all applications (especially GNOME apps)
2) optimize performance and memory footprint
3) Nautilus seems to be the most criticised GNOME app: many people say
it's slow (compared to Konqueror or Win Explorer), many complain about
not being able to type URLs in the File Selector/Manager (without
pressing Ctrl+L), many complain about not being able to (easily) turn
off the multi-window behaviour, and some others think it lacks
functionality (found in Konqueror or Win Explorer)
4) most people disliked the new menu editor; they suggest we bundle
SMEG (or something equally capable)
5) many many readers asked where to find updated packages for their
distribution; maybe we should work alongside with major distros to
have GNOME packages ready on release time (or make our own packages)

(not so common and/or relevant)

- stability issues with xcompmgr (X Compositing Manager; it handles
- doubts about the nature of the GNOME LiveCD ("what is it based on?"
- IMHO next time we should clearly state it's based on Ubuntu)
- complaints about certain lack of ACL functionality (some users
suggest that we should at least integrate Eiciel into Nautilus)

(and/or their comments)
- incomplete/confusing API documentation
- add full front-end to the Bluetooth stack
- "phone and PDA syncing that actually works"
- easily open a terminal in the current directory (like the
nautilus-open-terminal add-on)
- "merge all settings into one single preferences application"
- stability of multimedia software (especially Totem and the GStreamer
framework in general)
- some readers say their GNOME 2.12 "feels" faster due to 3D
acceleration; in the future we should think of some way to tell them
if it's turned on or not (to avoid these false impressions)
- "spatial metaphor in GNOME broken and violated (eg: the file open
dialog is always navigational, never spatial)"

(or no interesting comments... or which comments I couldn't find
because I'm an idiot :P),+01:13+PM,39020390,39217105,00.htm,1895,1856185,00.asp

(two languages I can't read, so unless we want to trust Google Translate...):

Santiago Roza
santiagoroza gmail com

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