Re: support for local gnome groups and events

On 6/7/05, Jeff Waugh <jdub perkypants org> wrote:
> > Also i was thinking about props. Like simple posters or gnome t-shirts
> > that could be made in bulk for all global gnome groups so the cost would
> > be reduced. Because getting proper props is now quite a expensive business
> > if you don't have a sponsor.  Good props are in my opinion essential to
> > give a good first impression.
> There's a list of collateral we need in the wiki, 

Hrm, I can't find one (at least which uses the word 'collateral') so
I'm creating a new list here:

Unfortunately I seem to have deleted my best notes on what collateral
is needed, so others might want to fill that in some more.

[I also ended up reworking the whole page, though most of the content
is unchanged. More eyes are good.]

> and Murray has been
> blogging about getting a big box to ship around with the goodies in it. :-)

The box discussion is here:

We can put up several thousand bucks to fill such a box on a one-time
basis, but the big killer will be the cost of shipping and insurance.
Someone should look into the cost of shipping a large, heavy box with
~$2K worth of electronics in it from (say) France to Germany, Germany
to the US, etc.; (or maybe we need three boxes, one for the US/Canada,
one for Europe, one for Latin America.) If we know the annual cost of
shipping the thing around, then we'll know if going ahead and doing
the rest of the box on this scale is practical.


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