Re: Making websites for gnome-apps sexier

On 6/10/05, Andreas Nilsson <nisses mail home se> wrote:
> >>I dare to claim that the websites for various gnome-apps needs to get
> >>sexier.
> >Yeah, the average site could stand to be nicer :) It would be nice if
> >there were a
> > or something that included standard links
> >like where to get it, hacking tips, so on, so forth, that people could
> >copy/paste to do their own site from.
> Sure, I'll get on that one as soon as possible.

Sweet. Like I said, I would volunteer to use this and give you
feedback once you got a little something started.
> >[Oh, and a sexier would be a nice one-time
> >fix for someone too!]

Jeff and I have talked about this a bit on web-list, FWIW, Andreas;
don't know if you are on there or not.

> >>Right now it's a bit hard to find information on how to start hacking on
> >>your favorite gnome-app. This might lead to people intersted in
> >>contributing to a project, don't have a clue where to look. Some
> >>projects have websites on, some of them are nice
> >>(the evolution site is fantastic), but some are really unmaintained and
> >>are in desperate need of updates (like the nautilus website and the one
> >>for g-conf).
> >>
> >>
> >
> >To a certain extent, we do want to centralize that information, since
> >there is so much that would be repeated, and because we want to
> >publicize hacking on many things, even things that don't really
> >need/deserve a website (like gnome-session, for example.)
> >
> >
> Perhaps both. Imagine someone surfing and finds, lets
> say, eye of gnome. Click the link that leads to the website for that
> project, tries it out and feels the need to say draw a new icon (!).  If
> there are some nice information on how to reach the developers right
> there on that site it would be really nice. But yeah, I see your point
> that it would be a lot of work to maintain websites with somewhat the
> same content for every module in gnome. A lot of stuff could probably be
> generated automaticly though.

Given that we have at this point a very poor web infrastructure
(despite discussions on how to fix that that now go back for three
years) I'd recommend against auto-generating things. Perhaps for now
the right approach is for the GFooBar template to have sections that
allow for customization, but generally offer pointers to useful
project-wide links:

Getting Involved

To get involved, contact FILLMEIN

More information about getting involved with other GNOME apps (and
many tips that apply to GFooBar) can be found at


In most ways, GFooBar is a typical GNOME App; you should refer to for more information on debugging
it, and (more generic links).

Specific things you need to be aware of when debugging GFooBar:

Drawing Icons

All icons drawn for GFooBar should match the GNOME Icon Style Guide, <link>

If you want to draw a specific icon for GFooBar, contact our team
artist at FILLMEIN (or gnome-art-list if there is no team artist.)

(Not really sure if I'm making myself clear here, or if this would get
updated very often. I would hope so :)

> And yes, there defenetly needs to be some easier way to find the
> relevant information on how to start hacking on some project, what
> urgently needs to be fixed and stuff like that. Someone really needs to
> overlook and figure out what is outdated and if it
> is possible to make start hacking on gnome sound like fun. More on that
> later down.

Agreed that is stagnant and it is not a healthy
sign for us that no one cares to fix it.

<snip lots of positive talk about evo's website>
> I probably could go on like this for hours about the site... ;)

So incorporate some of those ideas into the template ;)

> >>It included how to get the software both via ftp and via CVS for those
> >>interested in hacking. It also included some nice screenshots and a
> >>short description of the software.
> >>
> >>I also discovered that it was really easy to alter the gedit-site to
> >>make it fit for other projects and gave the nautilus website a
> >>here for my results:
> >>
> >>
> >
> >Cool! Screenshot, maybe? :)
> >
> >
> What, of the page? It is right there...

No, of nautilus :) People like screenshots ;)

> >>Hopefully
> >>it will be up on the main site in a couple of days.

> >Do you need help getting it committed?
> >
> >
> Yes, I don't have cvs access of any kind. Alex asked me if I could
> maintain it and I have mailed Christian Schaller that was in charge of
> the old page...but yet no response. Should I send a tarball to you so
> you can put it there?

Yeah, I could totally take a tarball and commit it for you.

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