Re: Modifying GNOME-About to count users

On 7/6/05, Luis Villa <luis villa gmail com> wrote:
> IMHO (long term, not all are 'required' but all would be desirable):
> * basic member database- contact information, joining dates, etc.
> * contact management- when did we last email this person? what are
> their preferences with regards to contact? how much have they given?
> what have they given? (time? money?) what are their hot-button issues?
> * mass mailing stuff tied into the previous point- did you give the
> previous four christmases? have you stopped giving altogether?
> * event integration- being able to transparently say for GUADEC
> registration 'oh, you're a FOG, here's a 10% discount for GUADEC', or
> 'you're a foundation member, GUADEC is free!', or whatever, would be
> great.
> civicspace has all of these in their roadmap, and serious funding to
> make them all happen. That seems like a very, very big plus over
> smaller-scale stuff (that admittedly is 100% ready now for limited
> tasks) like the memberdb.

BTW, you can get a demo of some of the CRM-y stuff here:


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