Re: Object model of ThreePointZero

<quote who="Claus Schwarm">

> I'm know this is not the right list to ask but does anybody know, or is
> able to explain what this "object" paradigm for threepoint zero means? Is
> this really just: "An object (ie. a file with a certain type) has its own
> window"? What about the rest of the desktop?
> Maybe there is a web site with a description how a typical session under
> the model might look like?

No, it's immensely non-specific at the moment. In current GUIs, "Window,
Icon, Menu, Pointer" (WIMP) are the first-class objects that matter most.
The current Topaz discussion is all about first-class objects that really
matter to users -> people, documents, events, etc. Don't try to nail it down
too much, it's not even close to relevance yet.

> The reason I'm asking on the marketing list is because I'm not quite sure
> if the market implications of the model are indeed "pretty well
> understood".

(It's really off-topic for this list, and it's not really going to be of
concern for some time.)

- Jeff

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