Re: Dealing with the press

<quote who="Murray Cumming">

> We already have gnome-press-contact gnome org [1] but maybe it is a
> mistake to put a barrier in the way of journalists. They generally write
> for very quick deadlines, so it wouldn't be acceptable to wait for a day
> for someone's contact details, and then spend another day trying to
> contact them.
> [1] Though it was not working until recently, and it replies with a
> waiting-for-moderation email that probably just looks like an error to
> most people.

gnome-press-contact goes to marketing-private; the moderation mail was only
sent if the mail was detected as spam (which many are). marketing-private is
generally the board and trusted spokespeople (and people from marketing-list
as they kick arse).

- Jeff

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  "We live in a place where policy discussion is conducted with money." -
                                Eben Moglen

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