Re: GNOME Maps Updates

Murray Cumming wrote:

On Tue, 2005-12-20 at 23:50 +0000, Simos Xenitellis wrote:
This use the wrong logo. Please use the one adviced here:

Sorry for being picky, I should probably push pixels instead of nitpicking on silly stuff like this. ;)
Thanks Andreas.
Are you refering to GNOMECN only?

In the page there is one question that should be added.

- Is there an unofficial GNOME logo that I can use for my project/group?

Shall we suggest to use the old logo here? Who can answer this?

Thanks for the update at

Therefore, can we say that
"a GNOME user-group, provided they accepted the user-group licensing agreement, has two options:
1. Use the official logo provided verbatim.
2. In case they want to add something custom like "Greek GNOME Team", the GNOME Official logo should not be obscured
as described at

For example, for the second options,
This would be ok if only 1) if it used the official writing under the foot, 2) it did not mention GNOME in big letters. b. This is not ok because 1) it changes the colour of the foot, 2) it does not say GNOME in Trebuchet font under the foot, 3) the big toe is multi-coloured (map of China)."

Also, shall we add "You may have noticed several Linux logos (the penguin) are modified and Tux wears glasses, is dressed, rides a bike and so on. We try to avoid these variations and we would like to have the official logo stand out on its own, and you are welcome to add something next to it. We recommend you to use Inkscape for this task and export as PNG for best results.".?

Any comments for these?


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