Re: GNOME Maps Updates

Andreas Nilsson wrote:

Simos Xenitellis wrote:

Dear All,
This is an update on the GNOME maps setup on

GNOME Dev: 50 participants

GNOME Users: 32 participants

GnomeMeeting: 17 participants

GNOME FR: 8 participants

GNOME CN: 78 participants


This use the wrong logo. Please use the one adviced here:

Sorry for being picky, I should probably push pixels instead of nitpicking on silly stuff like this. ;)

Thanks Andreas.
Are you refering to GNOMECN only?

In the page there is one question that should be added.

- Is there an unofficial GNOME logo that I can use for my project/group?

Shall we suggest to use the old logo here? Who can answer this?


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