Require some inputs


For some years now LinuxAsia has become a sort of corporate-students-LUG
mix event. This year it is scheduled for Feb 8, 2006. If there has to be
a GNOME presence, I would request ideas of what can be done.

There are limitations though:

[1] GNOME-IN is not registered so merchandising would be an issue,
however LinuxAsia does not frown up *freebies* (I do - since more often
than not they drown out the purpose)

[2] LinuxAsia *might* not provide a booth - providing only space at
FLOSS corner that they have

[3] GNOME talks can be scheduled, but we have to ideate fast (I'd like
subjects for rapid tracks)

[4] There is a chance that LUGs and even commercial vendors would be
willing to provide space to GNOME-IN

So what can be done ? If at all...

URL to refer is:



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