Re: Comment request on some ideas

Jason, very interesting ideas.  :)

En/na Jason Ronda ha escrit:

> IDEA 1: Paid GNOME Developer Kit

Add 2 registration vouchers for your preferred GNOME event.

+ Paid Friend of GNOME Kit (cheaper, for end users), consisting of some
basic materials/merchandising about GNOME + 2 registration vouchers for
your preferred GNOME event + donation.


> and the money to
> visit the guys in their homes and/or cubicles with a camara to film
> the episode?

We could even start with view-how's (screen sessions captured with
commentors' voices) saving the transport and the cammera. We are in a
slow but evident process of evolving the ReadHowTo paradigm to the
ViewHowTo that has worked perfectly since the pre-writing era, possibly
for millions of years.  :)  On the other hand, podcasting video allows
us to start without needing to fill a whole tv channel.

It's about about accumulating interesting content and creating new
routines. Topaz should have a video DVD with some GNOME tutorials for
users + developers and an audiovisual Yelp.

> IDEA 3: GNOME Printed Magazine

What about starting with Print On Demand? Working on a common aggregating and organising the best news content we are
creating in gnomedesktop, journal, blogs...

An agreement with an existing magazine would be essential for further
steps. Once you have the macinery running it's just a matter of
available contents to produce a periodical magazine. Some might be

The projects you suggest would need someone dedicated to the Foundation,
and not just (or not mainly) for accountancy purposes. But the TV and
the printed magazine can be started small as we have started other
voluntary projects.

Quim Gil -

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