Re: Mapping GNOME contributors from around the world!

Luis Villa wrote:

You mean, like:

? (linked to from
Indeed, like GnomeWorldWide.
I mention this in the rationale e-mail, at
There are several advantages when using the Frappr server.

In addition, following the firefoxusers example (, it would be also good to start a similar group
for GNOME Users ("gnomeusers"). What do you think about that?


On 12/16/05, Simos Xenitellis <simos74 gmx net> wrote:
Dear All,
I started a community map at
for the people that contribute to the GNOME platform!

Therefore, if you are involved in any aspect of GNOME development,
please join in! For example, this includes people involved in coding,
marketing, porting, quality testing and last but not least documentation
writing ;-)

The OOo community has a head start,
so give GNOMEDev your best:



marketing-list mailing list
marketing-list gnome org

gnome-doc-list mailing list
gnome-doc-list gnome org

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