Re: GNOME Tour

For 2.14 we could have (also) a tour based on a session captured with
comments, in format mpeg / flash, like the ones made by Nat for Beagle etc.

It's quite straightforward to do it (unless you want to produce a
Spielberg film), it gives you a real feeling of what gnome is and you
don't need to even read, someone is explaining you what's going on and
what's cool about it while you are sitting laid back in front of your

The plain HTML+PNG tour could be derived from the session by capturing
screenshots and writing a resumee of what has been said by voice.

Combinations with translations can be done as well.

En/na Murray Cumming ha escrit:
> Nobody ever took this job. Yet it seems like an important part of our
> web site.

Quim Gil -

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