Re: Desktop personas (draft)

Le mardi 06 décembre 2005 à 21:04 -0300, Santiago Roza a écrit :
> cool... could you throw it in the wiki so we can build on it?  i'd do
> it myself, but i don't think i should appear as the original author 
> :)

The whole idea behind this little draft was to show that the often
requested "data" is already there: simply go out and have a look how the
people you know are using their computers. Look your friends, your
co-workers, your relatives over the shoulder and ask them about their
typical usage. Then burn a couple of liveCDs, boot them in their
computers and try to convince them to install them at least as dual
boot. Which arguments are more and which are less successful? Which
arguments convince your parents and which your high school sister?

Putting the idea on the wiki is like putting it in an ivory tower. Don't
discuss it, don't talk about it - just go out, test your arguments, find
new ones and come back and tell which ones work. Your local linux user
group may be another good starting point. 


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