Re: real marketing or just catchy slogans?

En/na Sriram Ramkrishna ha escrit:

> <rant>
> if we picked a good VCS that allows us to try out ideas that fit into
> marketing, usability or what not without having to worry about trust; 
> decision-making would be a lot easier.
> </rant>

I didn't know what a VCS is but after wikipeding I think I get the point.

Could you give a couple of examples of ideas to try out 'without having
to worry about trust'?

I'm very sensitive about this issue these days since the GUADEC team has
ended up setting a test website somewhere out of GNOME - - precisely to try out ideas and
prototype freely and without compromising nobody's security.

Dunno, but maybe only a dummy sandbox server separated from the
production servers would be enough. Although nowadays it's
quite easy to find free (as in bier) ssh access to servers open to free
(as in freedom) projects.

Quim Gil -

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