Re: quick logo hack request


I got a CDROM SVG from openclipart and put it up on

My poor attempt at repositioning the foot and logo is there too:


Luis Villa wrote:
I spent a few minutes cleaning up the livecd website this afternoon,
since it will be linked from the release notes[1]. I made up a
quick-but-ugly logo for the website (not really going to use it
anywhere else, i don't think, but you never know :)

Is there someone around who could clean this up and make it look less
like ass? :) I couldn't find the SVG source for the CD image, so I
just doubled the 48x48 image and drag-and-dropped the website's foot
onto it. But it has contrast problems and jaggedness from being blown

thanks in advance to anyone who has a few minutes to clean this up-

[1] which could still use editing help, see:

Dave Neary
bolsh gimp org
Lyon, France

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