Re: Yet Another Poster

Luis Villa wrote:

On 8/10/05, Andreas Nilsson <nisses mail home se> wrote:
Did another poster to match the Official Desktop of Happy People one.
It seems like I didn't have support for thaiwanese, so that's currently
three squares in the png. Will fix it later. Hope to do them as pdf
soon, not sure how though. Scribus svg support is not satisfying enough yet.

If we want to change the texts, how best to do that?


P.S. Has anyone given any thought to how to i18n-ize these? Danilo, is
it possible to i18n-ize svg? :)
SVG is an XML file and I believe that intl-tools should be able to work with them in either of two ways:
1. Use xmlpo/poxml to extract the text, localise, then put back.
2. Put placeholders in the SVG file for the content to be localised and a preprocessor would generate a .po file from the file. Requires putting manually those placeholders for each version of .svg file.

Of course, the final work goes to the person actually doing this. :) Danilo?

In addition, Inkscape can be invoked from the command-line to do simple processing such as exporting to PNG. This would help tremendously, as the generation of logos/posters can be fully automated. See the command-line parameters:
For example,

$ inkscape poster-language.svg --export-png=poster-language.png -w990 -h1265

It's crying to be automated.

I had a look at
The resolution is not high so I can only guess that sodipodi does not deal correctly with complex scripts.
For example, notice the word after Swedish (Svenska); there is an "accent" on its own that did not combine with the rest of the glyphs. If you can pinpoint those misplaced accents, you can pass as an expert in complex scripts :).
I re-exported the same SVG file with Inkscape 0.42 and it appears to works better:

All in all, the tools work and work well.


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