RE: Defining GNOME Market Segments

> > users?  On the general user front, I think the major 
> sticking point is,
> > as you say, games.  Is this the _only_ reason to give up 
> that segment?

> are of proprietary origin. Quality action 
> games are very
> rare. (Nethack, freeciv and friends are different because of 
> their long
Sorry, I did not express myself clearly.  I meant that users cannot play
their favourite and much-hyped games (Halo etc.) on GNU/Linux.   A few
are supported via Wine, but not all AFAIK.

A larger point:  It's the apps!  People will not switch unless they can

(1) retain all their data in readable format
(2) use their apps, or a _very_ close clone thereof, e.g. Outlook &

To reiterate: we want people to _switch_ from their existing computing
environment in order to grow the GNOME user base.  Even if we wanted
people to add GNOME (i.e. some form of dual-boot scenario) data
portability and app-compatibility are still a key factor.

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