Re: Slogans & visuals revisited


Claus Schwarm wrote:
> > Do people even think this would be useful?
> I think, brainstorming is nice to generate ideas, but less useful for
> making decisions. Oh, and which IRC channel will be used?

How about #marketing? It doesn't exist, so it should be pretty
empty :)

> I also like to suggest two additional poster "styles" althougth I'm not
> a gimp wizard, and they are not as good as Sebastian's.

I really like the slogan "GNOME. My desktop of choice." Really
excellent. I like the other "Who says..." one less - not sure
why, it just doesn't sound right (the first thing I thought after
reading it was "no-one does", but perhaps I'm being naive).

> However, one disadvantage is the price: Last time I looked, it was $60
> but they restructered their website afterwards so I'm not sure if that's
> still the case.

If the desired effect is a pensive person in a landscape
situation, I am sure that we can lay our hands on such an image . 

Speaking of laying our hands on stuff - could we start collecting
contacts in the marketing departments of our benefactor
companies? I think it would be really useful to start collecting
sugar daddies for when we want someone to cover printing costs
and the like :)

> The second disadvantage is that I had to 'hack' a little bit to get the
> logo in. Maybe someone else got a better idea.

I really liked the logo bit, actually :)

> I wanted to show these drafts, because I think images/pictures matter
> more than slogans, or detailed discriptions about technical advantages.

I think the two matter equally ;) Good visuals with bad text will
ruin a poster.


        David Neary,
        Lyon, France
   E-Mail: bolsh gimp org

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