Packaging for GNU Guix


I am working on packaging GNOME Maps for GNU Guix [0], and I'm having
some trouble.

I have packaged Maps 3.18.2, and it at least runs within GNOME on GuixSD
(I haven't tested all the features yet).

But, I want to package 3.20.1 so I can provide the OpenStreetMap editing
functions to our users.

Based on the package definition and dependency graph defined by the tip
of this Git branch [1], I get these warnings and errors [2] when running
the gnome-maps executable I have built.

After that console output is printed, gnome-maps does *not* exit. It
just hangs there at the console. Interestingly, I think it does start
the location services, because the "location" icon appears in the GNOME
menu bar.

I am new to the world of GNOME, and I am also unfamiliar with
JavaScript, so I'm not sure how to proceed. I'm not even sure what part
of the console output in [2] is relevant and what can be ignored.

If you are unfamiliar with Guix (or Nix), I should say that it differs
from traditional Unix-like systems in that /usr and other common
directories do not exist. All packages are put into their own
directories, which are named with a SHA256 hash of the full dependency
graph of that build.

So, it's likely that some library is not found, but I am not sure which.
I already provided webkitgtk, geoclue, and gnome-online-accounts with
LD_LIBRARY_PATH. Or, one of the dependencies needs a feature enabled.

Thanks for any advice you can give,




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