Re: The status of Maps right now

2016-07-14 12:03 GMT+02:00 Marcus Lundblad <ml update uu se>:
ons 2016-07-13 klockan 07:16 +0200 skrev Jonas Danielsson:

As of recently GNOME Maps can no longer fetch tiles to display. This
is because MapQuest,
which we use as a tile provider, changed its usage policy[1].
And we are no longer able to use the service without paying. We have
as of know no clear alternative.

We _could_ switch to OpenStreetMap own tile servers, see patches in
bug[2]. But we would probably
violate the terms of service[3]. Unless we, as GNOME, could argue we
should be allowed.

I have made some inquiries into possibly using OpenStreeMap tiles as a
temporary solution for now.
An idea might be to set up a simple proxy for now pointing from →

This way we could later switch this site over to a full-blown stand-
alone tile server.

Although I would most probably need help in setting up a web proxy.

Thank you!

Yes, we should have a proxy. There is a bug for it against the
sysadmin product here:


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