Gnome Screen Reader Project

Dear Sirs,

I am a computer programmer with a lot of years coding in standard C but
not C++.  I found out about LSR by googling "write a screen reader in
Linux" or something like that.

I am a blind person, and seriously need to get under programs like Gnome
and even the command-line interface in order to get at information written
on the screen.  I used to be able to do this easily before computers got
too sophisticated, but now find myself locked out of everything without
any clear documentation to explain how to get around all of the "save you
from yourself and others" security blocks and barricades that the people
at Microsoft seem to love, and for good reason ($$$ for you who can't
understand what I am talking about).

One reason I might be valuable to your project is that I am fluent in
several languages, and have done considerable amounts of linguistic
research and groundbreaking innovation (see my for
more about this).  I have created a large corpus of clearly-pronounced
English words (currently I have over 78,000), enough to pronounce the bulk
of what a college graduate would know.  For these words (all recorded at
44,100sps), I have also created a speech synthesizer that reads English
texts much better than most artificial voices, although still without

As some of your literature has already pointed out, besides just making
computer screens clearly accessible to blind people, the ability to
interpret screen patterns is useful for a number of things.  I am
interested in exploring this field, and would be willing to collaborate
with you if you would help me to perfect the original project--the
original goal of lsr--to make computer screens clearly accessible to blind
people 100% free of charge.  I know I could do this myself if only I had
access to the documentation and didn't get stonewalled every time I tried
to get it.  I have only one lifetime, which means insufficient time to
play that game and do things meaningful to myself and others.  But if only
I could get a little collaboration from people in the know, I am sure I
could contribute a great del.

So I am interested in joining your project under terms outlined above, but
I don't know who to contact in order to discuss it.  Could someone please
point me in the right direction?

My telephone number is 808 9298126, and I live on the southern slopes of
Mauna Loa, Hawaii.


--Chaumont Devin.

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