Re: [orca-list] Firefox 3 Crash Problem

I can confirm this crash behaviour even on my end, usin Ubuntu Feisty
and Orca with Espeak and FF3. I tried which is the railroads here
in Sweden. Try to order a ticket. The first form fields you get to are
from and to. Select any place in my case from Malmo to Stockholm tab to
the ok button and press it. FF crashes and leaves me on the place i was
before launching FF3.

Janina Sajka wrote:
> I've just confirmed consistent crash behavior on FF3 with Orca or LSR
> which doesn't happen when I run the same FF3 without screen reading.
> I've further confirmed this on two sites, and
> I'll provide my steps vis a vis looking for flights on United Airlines:
> *	Go to and tab to the form fields for flight searches.
> *	Enter IAD and OSL in the From: and To: fields -- any airport
> *	codes will do, actually.
> *	Tab to the drop downs for selecting month and day for departure
> *	and return. Pick reasonable dates, in my case April 20 and April
> *	28 respectively.
> *	Tab to the Submit button. Everything else is at defaults.
> With Orca or LSR loaded and speaking, Minefield will crash when Submit
> is actuated. Intriguingly, restarting Minefield and selecting "Restore
> previous session" will display the search results as if Minefiled had
> not crashed.
> If Orca or LSR are not running, there is no crash--the search results
> display as one would expect. Please note that I have not set
> gnome-accessibility false when testing without screen readers. That
> variable is still set "true."
> PS: I'm using ibmtts, if that helps.
> Janina

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