Re: Firefox 3 Crash Problem

Hi Janina,

Which Firefox 3 build are you using?
Could you post the information in Firefox menu Help->About Firefox?


Janina Sajka wrote:
> I've just confirmed consistent crash behavior on FF3 with Orca or LSR
> which doesn't happen when I run the same FF3 without screen reading.
> I've further confirmed this on two sites, and
> I'll provide my steps vis a vis looking for flights on United Airlines:
> *	Go to and tab to the form fields for flight searches.
> *	Enter IAD and OSL in the From: and To: fields -- any airport
> *	codes will do, actually.
> *	Tab to the drop downs for selecting month and day for departure
> *	and return. Pick reasonable dates, in my case April 20 and April
> *	28 respectively.
> *	Tab to the Submit button. Everything else is at defaults.
> With Orca or LSR loaded and speaking, Minefield will crash when Submit
> is actuated. Intriguingly, restarting Minefield and selecting "Restore
> previous session" will display the search results as if Minefiled had
> not crashed.
> If Orca or LSR are not running, there is no crash--the search results
> display as one would expect. Please note that I have not set
> gnome-accessibility false when testing without screen readers. That
> variable is still set "true."
> PS: I'm using ibmtts, if that helps.
> Janina

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