Re: Random thoughts

Danilo Šegan wrote:
> now that Bruno is proposing merging all this
> with glocale, it pretty much influences the decision.

Thanks for taking that into account. I don't see anything decided yet,
but "merge with glocale" is one of several working hypotheses for the

> > 7) How do we see the APIs?
> >
> > I believe we should do them with keeping one eye on what CLDR provides,
> > and another for what the applications need.
> Yeah, I can imagine two sets of APIs: user API (i.e. the one
> programmers would use to get localised stuff showing for real users)
> and configuration API (the one configuration programs would use to set
> preferences for system and user).

There's also a lower-level user API, which fetches the raw data from
the locale data files, with inheritance but without further processing.
Like nl_langinfo() compares to strftime().

On what does the configuration API depend? glibc doesn't have configuration
API beyond setenv(). glocale - so far - is thought in the same spirit. Is
the configuration API GNOME specific, or is it something that can be
shared between console applications, GNOME applications and KDE applications?


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