Symbol lookup error troubleshoot

 Hello there!
  I recently installed
  libxml++2.6 2.26.0 and  done some programming with it. It does compile
  normally but when I run it, it gives the following runtime error:

  /usr/local/pdc/pdc: symbol lookup error: /usr/local/pdc/pdc: undefined
  symbol: _ZN5xmlpp15SchemaValidatorC1Ev

I've done some debugging and the program stops on this call:

xmlpp::SchemaValidator* validator = new xmlpp::SchemaValidator; 

I searched everywhere for someone who had the same problem and find
  nothing! Please is there anything that i am doing wrong with the

Thanks in advance!

Alexandre Furstenberger - Eng.
Laboratório de Planejamento de Sistemas de Energia Elétrica
Departamento de Engenharia Elétrica
UFSC - Campus Universitário
Trindade - Florianópolis

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