Re: [libxml++] segmentation fault on examples


2005/10/18, langlois yan <langlois_yan yahoo fr>:
> Hi, thank you for your quick answer. It helped me very
> much. It is the first time I try to use a C++ program
> with a "tird party" library. So I have juste a few
> other questions.
> I try to compile the example with anothers g++ version
> :
> with g++ 3.4 there is no error,

which means that libxml++ itself was compiled with g++ 3.4 on your system.

> with g++ 3.3.2 there is a segmentation fault
> and with g++ 4.0 there is also a segmentation fault.
> Do you use g++ 3.4 to compile libxml++ ?

Some people do, some don't. It all depends on your system.

> I am not surprise that g++ 4.0 does not work.

It's unrelated : the problem you have is not that g++ 4.0 is good or
bad (I'd be surprised if anything in libxml++ makes it fail).

> But in
> your manual you say that g++ 3 should be good.So is it
> normal that g++ 3.3.2 is not good ? Is there a lot of
> diferences between g+3.3.2 and g++3.4 ?

I don't know. If you need more help on the c++ compiler, try the c++ newsgroup.


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