Re: [libxml++] Memory leak?

On Tuesday, June 03, 2003 10:16 AM, Murray Cumming wrote:
> It sounds sensible.
> 1. Does the leak happen with the examples?

The leak is present in the dom-builder example, because it use the write_to_string() function.

> 2. Have you tried your fix.

Yes, it seemed to work fine.

> 3. If it works then could you submit a patch?

Well, I'm writing this at work (which is were we use libxml++), and use of internet is pretty restricted; which means that the computer i'm writing this on is not in any way connected to my development computer, so making a patch will require quite some hassle. I was hoping that one of the maintainers could hopefully just fix it, by inserting the following code at the end of write_to_string() and write_to_string_formatted()

     // Create a std::string copy of the buffer
    std::string RetString((char*)buffer, length);
    // Deletes the original buffer
    // Return a copy of the string
    return RetString;

Instead of this line:

    return std::string((char*)buffer, length);

Btw. why is there a write_to_string() and a write_to_string_formatted() with almost identical implementations? Wouldn't it be a better idea to let write_to_string() take a boolean parameter which says whether to format or not?

Anyway, hope this helps.


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