RE: [libxml++] [patch] Namespace class and custom_dom example

> From: Dan Dennedy [mailto:dan dennedy org] 
> > Could we please test the Namespace feature separately? I 
> would be happy to
> > have _some_ use of namespaces in one of the existing simple 
> examples.
> I feel my example is a good exercise of namespaces, but since 
> you missed
> the point of the example....

Still, there are simpler examples. But it's not a big deal.

> > > There are overloaded methods that can take a Namespace object as a
> > > parameter, but I have not tested these. The example, just uses the
> > > methods with prefix or prefix/uri parameters. 

I am concerned that you are adding methods that are not used in any example.
See below.

> > > I imagine the 
> > > methods that
> > > take a Namespace object might be useful with DOM 
> > > manipulations.
> > 
> > You mean when converting from one XML format to another? If 
> you can do both
> > (use a prefix in the name, or specify the namespace prefix 
> separately) then
> > I guess we could ask the libxml people why that possiblility exists.
> No, I mean a libxml++ Namespace object versus prefix string 
> as a method
> parameter.

Oh, now I see that you have added _2_ extra method overloads. 

> The methods that take strings are useful in a sax 
> parser such
> as my example. However, if I were adding and removing nodes in code, I
> will hold a Namespace object in memory so libxml++/libxml 
> does not need
> to lookup the namespace based upon a prefix string.

I think we need to test this in an example. Maybe a new, small, example.
Untested code is usually buggy.

Thanks and well done.

Murray Cumming
murrayc usa net 

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