Proxy support over AF_UNIX


I'm interested in seeing support for AF_UNIX sockets as a proxy in
libsoup. It seems as though most of the support needs to go into
soup-address.c as well as possibly soup-socket.c (it appears as though
much of the details are hidden in soup-address, but there may be
something that I'm missing).

I have a first stab at the code done, but was unsure of how to
conditionalize its support properly. Based on the GSocketAddress docs,
using GLIB_SYSDEF_AF_UNIX seems like a decent approach. I have yet to
write a test for it, but none of the existing tests fail (except apache
which I don't have installed).

For reference, the end goal is to be able to have a proxy server per
instance of uzbl[1] (mainly for finer-tuned control). By using AF_UNIX,
available ports would not need to be guessed at. It also blocks other
users/programs on the same machine piggy-backing on the proxy

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