Re: test HTTP stream server - no "disconnect" signal from SoupSocket

On 11/23/2012 08:46 AM, Krzysztof Konopko wrote:
> I have some logic that I have to comply with before I can actually play
> the pipeline and some requirements like the stream should be served
> continuously with a *single* GET request (after some initial
> "negotiation and probing"). So no chunked delivery is acceptable at the
> HTTP level (unless the client explicitly makes separate Ranges requests).
> In order to acheive this I had to reach out for a pretty low level
> SoupSocket API where I can write directly into the socket as Gst buffers
> arrive. None of the higher level libsoup methods suited me as they tend
> to break some of my requirements underneath, e. g. they break the stream
> down into HTTP chunks if I use
> soup_server_pause_message()/soup_server_unpause_message() no matter what
> message encoding I choose.

No, that's not true; tests/streaming-test.c in the source explicitly
SOUP_ENCODING_EOF all work for streaming a response from the server.

Maybe you're just getting confused by the API, which still uses the
"wrote-chunk" signal even if you're not using chunked encoding. (It
essentially just means "finished writing the last block of data", not
literally "wrote an HTTP/1.1 chunk".

-- Dan

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