[PATCH] g_main_context_pop_thread_default() placement in libsoup


I'm proposing a patch which is necessary to fix this gstreamer's
souphttpsrc bug:

Due to gstreamer's multithreaded internals, souphttpsrc has to trick
with iterating
the same main_context from a different thread when releasing the chain.
Current placement of some g_main_context_pop_thread_default() calls in libsoup
makes fixing this difficult, because it implies that completion
callbacks are called
from the same thread, which is hardly achievable with the current
implementation of souphttpsrc gstreamer element.

Souphttpsrc takes care of synchronizing libsoup calls so that they may
be considered
as made from the same thread by libsoup. But that only works if
pop_thread_default() calls are not deferred till completion callbacks
are called.

I realize that there might be a reason for the current placement of
push/pop calls, but
I don't see anything that might break because of this patch. I also thing that
current placement breaks push/pop semantics for external code using libsoup.


diff -ur libsoup/libsoup/soup-socket.c libsoup_new/libsoup/soup-socket.c
--- libsoup/libsoup/soup-socket.c	2011-11-12 16:57:51.000000000 +0400
+++ libsoup_new/libsoup/soup-socket.c	2011-11-16 02:22:13.583630395 +0400
@@ -679,9 +679,6 @@
 	GSocketConnection *conn;
 	guint status;

-	if (priv->async_context && !priv->use_thread_context)
-		g_main_context_pop_thread_default (priv->async_context);
 	conn = g_socket_client_connect_finish (G_SOCKET_CLIENT (client),
 					       result, &error);
 	status = socket_connected (sacd->sock, conn, error);
@@ -736,6 +733,10 @@
 				       async_connected, sacd);
 	g_object_unref (client);
+	if (priv->async_context && !priv->use_thread_context)
+		g_main_context_pop_thread_default (priv->async_context);

@@ -1057,9 +1058,6 @@
 	GError *error = NULL;
 	guint status;

-	if (priv->async_context && !priv->use_thread_context)
-		g_main_context_pop_thread_default (priv->async_context);
 	if (g_tls_connection_handshake_finish (G_TLS_CONNECTION (priv->conn),
 					       result, &error))
 		status = SOUP_STATUS_OK;
@@ -1093,10 +1091,14 @@

 	if (priv->async_context && !priv->use_thread_context)
 		g_main_context_push_thread_default (priv->async_context);
 	g_tls_connection_handshake_async (G_TLS_CONNECTION (priv->conn),
 					  cancellable, handshake_async_ready,
+	if (priv->async_context && !priv->use_thread_context)
+		g_main_context_pop_thread_default (priv->async_context);


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