Re: Proxy support

On 10/19/2010 11:22 AM, Josselin Mouette wrote:
>> there's no way that would work for a mozjs-based extension, which I
>> think would still be desired, since in GNOME 3 the core desktop will
>> require mozjs.)
> Another option is to do like GTK+ does for tracker/beagle, and dlopen
> the appropriate libraries, but it requires to keep a lot of
> compatibility code whenever the soname changes.

Yeah, I imagine that would fail spectacularly with mozjs. :-}

> OK. I might have time to look at it in a few months, then. If I
> understand correctly all should be in glib-networking at that time,
> right?

Well, anything that can be done entirely within glib could just go
there. (Eg, using GSettings to look up proxy settings.) Glib-networking
is just for cases where we need to avoid circular dependencies.

A libsoup-based PAC downloader extension point could go either into
libsoup or glib-networking. Probably glib-networking would make more
sense. JSCore and mozjs-based PAC runners would probably make most sense
in glib-networking, where you could build 0, 1, or both of them,
depending on what other packages you wanted to depend on.

(The other thing that's eventually going to end up in glib-networking is
extension points for TLS support, based on gnutls or NSS.)

-- Dan

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